Today, I make Sweatpants.

With the same dedication to quality and craftsmanship, blending Italian heritage and modern comfort to create the best sweatpants in the world!

Designed to suit everyday life, whether business or pleasure, the Sartoria MacArthur sweatpants are quite literally the pinnacle of high-end quality in apparel.

Crafted with utmost care and precision, without any presence of machines, each hand placed stitch conforms to the sweatpant fabric's natural fluidity, resulting in virtually indestructible seams that effortlessly stretch with every motion.


Faithful to the Neapolitan bespoke style & tradition, the sweatpants drape flawlessly with an unmistakably stylish charisma perfect for any wardrobe, whether Classic or Streetwear.

Deep double-pleats breathe with every movement, adapting to provide the ultimate level of comfort.

Carefully calculated details enhance the style and drastically improve the life of the sweatpants.

The hand's exceptional precision gracefully reinforces those pesky resistance points, like the ends of pockets, that are prone to breakage.

A signature 'X' marks the most vulnerable spot, at the crotch where the back and front seam meet the inseams.